Shooting a photo at your wedding is very important

Shooting a photo at your wedding is very important

Shooting a photo at your wedding is a very important matter. It’s like when Japanese people write down their name in Kanji with a brush or writing paper. It is an art that represents you and your partner, the memories only you can share in this lifetime, and it is something extraordinary for everyone who witnesses it once in their lifetime.

So, of course we want to shoot a masterpiece of our own and leave behind memories for people who have lived together with us. So how about starting the wedding photo session with an engagement photo instead?

Before you get hitched, many couples like to take some pre-wedding pictorials of themselves which they call ‘engagement photo’, or simply ‘engagement’. The reason for taking these photos is to have a preview of your wedding day and to share the joy with friends and family members before the actual day takes place.

Most couples may think that engagement photos are not as important as wedding pictures because it only serves as a memorabilia for you and your family. However, it is a fatal mistake!

Think about this: what if you need a preview or a sneak peek of the wedding pictures later on? For example, what if you want to show your future kids how mommy and daddy look like before they were born? Then there’s no other way than practice for the real ones. And it’s true that you don’t want to spend too much time and energy on it, but then again, if done right, this will surely be one of your treasured photos.

Below are some guidelines on how to take an engagement photo for your wedding:

1) Be ready (You and your partner)

Before taking pictures, make sure that you and your partner are well prepared for the shoot. Especially the male half; fix yourself up and get rid of bad odors if needed. Everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of a bad odor, but it will be such an embarrassment if your loved ones get a whiff of it as soon as you hug. If your partner is wearing heavy make-up and has a bad hair day, suggest to her to take a shower or change clothes.

2) Be creative (Location)

There are so many choices for the location of your engagement photo shoot; from seaside areas, parks, forested areas to building rooftops. But if the place is a little bit secluded, be sure to bring a friend with you in case an emergency happens.

3) Be innovative (Shooting style)

The way you pose, camera angles used and facial expressions are what makes your picture creative and interesting. Try not to look too stiff when posing for the shot, and mix things up a little bit. Don’t forget to give your photographer suggestions where you want the focus of the shot to be, or get creative with your own poses.

4) Be friendly (Having fun)

Believe it or not, how comfortable both of you are in front of the camera will affect how natural and lively your engagement picture will turn out. Don’t forget to smile! If you look like you’re having fun during the photo shoot, that’s half of the job done already.

5) Be quick (Time management)

Spending too much time in one place can be boring and tedious. Try to rotate locations every hour if possible; it will give your photographer a variety of pictures to choose from.

6) Be you (Just let it flow)

Don’t be afraid to try something new or express your love in unorthodox ways. Just be yourselves, and let the photographer do his job. Engagement photos are more than just for memories; it’s also an opportunity for you guys to get creative!

So what are you waiting for? Go on your own ‘engagement photo shoot’ right now! You can always ask a friend with a camera to take the shots for you. By the time you get married, it will be one of your unforgettable moments ever!

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