How to choose the presents for your friend wedding

How to choose the presents for your friend wedding

A wedding present is the gift for an important event in someone’s life. Sometime in the near future, the inevitable will happen. Your friend will get married and you want to say “I told you so”, but not yet. We don’t want to be selfish; we want to be helpful, too. So how do you choose a gift? The process is simple, but it can be a little tricky at times. Take a look at these guidelines and let me know what you think:

Gift Ideas for a Friend’s Wedding Day

Everyone will have their own particular tastes when it comes to wedding gifts. I’m sure you have a set of your own favourite wedding gift ideas too and I’d like to share mine with you.

The thing to remember is that the present you choose for your friend’s wedding day will likely be different from the presents they are actually getting. This is why it is important to try and figure out what they want before you buy.

Here are a few things you may want to consider as details:

– What type of wedding do they have?

– How will they be using the gift?

– The budget,

– What sort of gift would be appropriate?

– If there are other weddings or events coming up, what other gifts should we consider?

Gifts for the Bride on Her Wedding Day

Bride holding wedding bouquet

It’s a good idea to think about what you want to buy for your friend on her wedding day. It’s easy to assume you should know what she wants and not worry about the cost or effort involved. But there’s no guarantee that they will want the same thing or even what they want at all. Even very experienced couples can have a lot of surprises on their wedding day.

I have worked with brides-to-be personally and witnessed their happiness, confusion and frustration when it comes time to finalise their gift list. The below list should help you be able to choose something which is perfect for your friend’s personality, budget and shopping style, as well as one which will fit in with your friends’ expectations and preferences as well.

The Wedding Gift List

Text: Here’s my list of 5 things I would pick up if I were planning on buying my friend a present for her wedding day: coffee mugs (which I would probably get in pink colour since I’m a fan of roses)

Text: Here are some gifts that are more thoughtful than coffee mugs or tea pots (and will likely last longer too):

Text: This is an awesome book by Lauren Myracle called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck’. Her philosophy may be different from mine but it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for some light reading before the big day.

Text: This book is about how emotional intelligence affects our lives in general, not just as individuals but even within groups such as families and businesses, so it could be useful for anyone who works in any way that involves emotional intelligence — working on a team, managing employees or dealing with clients (or yourself).

For more inspiration check out this book by Rachel Botsman which covers many aspects of small business including gift giving and entrepreneurship.

For me this book offers great insight into gift giving – how we give and how we receive – from the perspective of someone who has grown up with such a unique upbringing that included being raised by parents who had both septuplets! And yet those lessons do not seem to apply to my own life… So this is definitely something worth checking out if you’re looking for some inspiration!

Gifts for the Groom on His Wedding Day

This is a question I get a lot, so I thought I would write an article on it. As a newlywed and someone who has been married (at least once), I can tell you that there are a ton of different kinds of presents that people give on their wedding day. You see, the best gifts for weddings are usually gifts for the person you are marrying.

What does that mean? It means that if you want to go the traditional route and choose something like flowers or chocolates, there is a very good chance that those will be fine. But if you want to go even further, then maybe a gift card or gift basket can really help you out in your engagement period — they are often only useful until the first anniversary anyway so they won’t break the bank.

But what about something more unique? What about something with personality? Something custom-made? Something handmade?

I might be biassed as a bride (who has also been married before), but this is definitely my favourite kind of present: an experience (or several experiences) from someone else. If you’re going to spend money on your friend’s wedding day, make sure it’s not just used up in one day… but think about all the memories that will last! There are tons of great experiences to be had from going out to dinner with friends or family members that have come together to celebrate their lives together — or maybe even being part of one themselves!

And don’t just buy them this one present — it would be great if they could also pay you back by giving you some amazing memories too! This post was originally published here .

Gifts for the Newlyweds Together

This is a great way to help your friend pick out the perfect gift for their wedding day. Whether it’s a sweater or a book, this is a good way to make sure your friend has the perfect gift for their best man/daughter.


With a little thought, it is possible to work out what your friend would want. If you are planning a Christmas gift, check out this article on choosing the right present. If you are planning a gift for a special occasion, take a look at this article on wedding gifts.

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