The Best Color Combinations For Your Home

The Best Color Combinations For Your Home

Your choice of a color scheme in the home will often depend on what kind of impression or feel you want to give your living spaces. Some color combinations are classic, while others are more recent trends that have found mainstream popularity. 


This color combination requires that you decorate with different shades of the same color. It is a sophisticated choice that works well by allowing you to use the same hue throughout your décor, with just changes in tone. From carpet to furniture, to curtains, and even wall paint, you get to blend it all together.

Mustard and Grey


Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

For a rustic and cozy feel, these muted neutrals do make for a refined choice that is perfect for living areas and bedrooms. Be sure to introduce some kind of pattern to break up the monotony of this classic visual. Some vintage check pattern is a good option for adding some disruption without overwhelming the theme. 

Orange and Blue

The mix of warm and cool shades finds perfect balance with this color combo that is suitable for living spaces and outdoor areas. You can add more depth by choosing patterns for one of the colors and softening the space with throw pillows and rugs. 

Blush and Olive

These soft and earthy tones are often seen in watercolor paintings and are great for adding an air of whimsical and laid-back beauty to a space. With blush being a toned-down pink, it is comfortable even where females are not present. Consider introducing some green vibrancy with a potted plant. You can never go wrong by adding nature to your surroundings. 

Lavender and Blue

Although not quite complementary, these two colors just seem to work. Lavender is an intriguing and distinct shade that is best kept to a minimum as it does draw the eye. Choose one aspect of your furnishing or just one furniture accent piece to have in this color. Choose more muted tones of blue to act as the backdrop. 

Green, Cream, and Black

Inspired by nature, these relaxing shades make for a refreshingly organic mix that perfectly complement each other. The black is a stronger tone that is ideal where you want to add an element of sophistication, especially to the focal point of the room. The cream or a lighter green are ideal for the walls to brighten the room and act as an ideal background to bold artwork. 

Beige and Coral

These cool feminine tones give a seaside feel to any home. Coral is a good choice for when you want to bring a sense of summer into your space. It is offset beautifully against light beige tones that make you think of sandy shores. The pop of color given by the coral, against the staid beige is a perfect combination when looking to apply a contemporary theme. 

Ivory, Yellow, and Dove Grey

Perfect for creating a classically elegant motif, this color combination is suitable for living rooms, giving a sense of luxury and restraint. They are layer shades of white that blend well to give a soothing and neutral balance to a space. 

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